Is it future, or is it past? Twin Peaks ends with a beginning

“How’s Annie?” 

I remember the first time I watched the notorious conclusion to the original series of Twin Peaks and having strong yet mixed emotions about it. We had a lot of storylines concluded in some sense, but a lot more opened up for a potential third season and the biggest of cliffhangers. With ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’, David Lynch and Mark Frost have managed to capture that same frustrating magic that hit me that first time. Not only does this follow-up also end up on another cliffhanger, we’re again left with more questions and the same first for another season.

This show has always subverted audience expectations, but to see Bob defeated within a matter of minutes and then to see Dale Cooper transported back to 1989 to save a teenage Laura Palmer was something else entirely. (Also, massive kudos to Sheryl Lee and the makeup department for getting that Fire Walk With Me wig/look spot on). Much like Philip Jeffries’ message to Dale Cooper regarding the owl symbol and its connection to an infinity loop, you get the sense that Agent Cooper is on a constant mission to save this young woman and always failing. OR perhaps the very success of that mission has cost us the Dale Cooper and Twin Peaks that we know and are used to, you could read both that there is a potential for a fourth season or disagree and say this is Lynch/Frost’s way of saying there’s no way of getting back to the Twin Peaks we love.

As soon as we saw the words ‘Starring: Kyle MacLachlan”, I started laughing out loud like  madman. “They did it again!”. Twin Peaks isn’t a show for answers and honestly, that’s half the journey. The finale wasn’t completely perfect* but it came damn close.

Personally, I’m hoping for another season purely because of the amount of joy and freedom both David Lynch and Mark Frost gained from creating this follow up. Showtime, make it happen!

  • Diane’s transformation from Naido was another unfortunate disregard of another race in Twin Peaks as a ‘disguise’. Not a massive fan there, but it WAS nice to finally see Diane.
  • Did Cooper really have to try it on with Diane after everything that happened between her and Mr C? – is this the same Cooper we remember? – It certainly felt like a mixture of Mr C and Dougie instead.
  • What year IS it? – if there isn’t a S4, then we’ll just have to guess…

For a deeper analysis of my thoughts on the finale, check out the How’s Annie podcast over at www.radiofreepodcasting/hows-annie 

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