REVIEW: Spider-Man – Far From Home

*Editor’s Note: This review is spoiler-free, but if you want to go in 100% clear – it’s worth reading this after!* 

Following on from the climatic conclusion of the Infinity Saga, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) tries to balance his personal life with his newfound status as an Avenger. With the death of Tony Stark still on his mind, Peter heads on a European Vacation – which ends up being hijacked by Nick Fury and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Jon Watts returns in the director’s chair to craft another charming, genuinely funny and emotional Spider-Man film. ‘Far From Home’ has to juggle the loss of Iron Man and the return of those snapped – and it does both rather brilliantly. The latter provides some comedic material and levity while the former acts as a dramatic anchor for Peter Parker’s journey. Tony Stark’s presence doesn’t over-power the film like Homecoming, but it helps to demonstrate why Peter is a brilliant character in his own right.

We’ve reached the stage where anything can happen in the MCU, which the film takes advantage of, right down to Mysterio’s costume which leaps straight from the source material. Here the ludicrousness and reality blend perfectly, providing a breathtaking sequence that looks as though it had leapt from a Romita. Sr page. The scene in question may also be my favourite Spidey moment depicted on film.

Zendaya crushes it as MJ, providing a brilliant performance that many will find relatable. Particularly enchanting are her scenes and blossoming relationship between MJ and Peter, with Zendaya/Tom’s chemistry being off the charts. Speaking of which, with the film marking his fifth cinematic appearance as the titular hero, this has to be Tom Holland’s finest performance as Peter Parker. He & Jon Watts nail everything that the character has to reflect – the humour, heart and awkwardness. It’s also fun to watch Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) have more of a substantial role in the film, acting as an unlikely mentor for Peter.

Overview: Spider-Man: Far From Home feels like a comic-book brought to life, imbued with the modern-day spark of life from Marvel Studios. Not content with providing a pretty solid Spider-Man movie, it also manages to act as an epilogue for Endgame, and kick-start an exciting direction for the future.

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