Goodbye Carrie

This was one of the earliest books that I ever owned. In my childhood, I read it over and over and over – as you can probably tell by the state of the cover. Princess Leia was my hero. She was strong, tough, an incredible leader & emotive too. She taught me to always strive for what I thought was right & what I believed in, no matter the personal costs. She showed me how brilliant, smart & strong women are. Growing up, I later found out about the fantastic writing career she had. Carrie script-doctored plenty of scripts for … Continue reading Goodbye Carrie

Me & Star Wars.

Hey there, welcome to Ashby Thoughts. This is my new little home for my writing, reviews, news and thoughts. Now, this is the part I hate talking about. I wanted to talk about myself in this post. You know, an introductory story – here I am! You might possibly think “But Charlie, this is your blog, you can do that to your heart’s content. Why are you worried?”. Okay, I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It means I worry about a lot of things, including things that are small & appear insignificant to others. I worry about what I say, … Continue reading Me & Star Wars.